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How to land your first internship!

Searching for your first internship is a nerve-wracking process. It's exciting yet overwhelming when you have close to no experience to showcase in your resume. Therefore, you should be meticulous in everything you do in the process- like drafting your resume, looking for posts, preparing for the interview, and following up with the recruiter.

Here are ten tips that'll help you with the same :

1. Draft Your Resume :

To draft your resume, type "Harvard Resume Template" on the search bar. This will not only give you a template but the document will also show you keywords you can write on your resume.

2. Have Someone Review Your Resume

Don't be hesitant to approach someone for help especially when you are building your career. Request your seniors to review your resume and you can even ask them to share their resume with you if they are working in a role that is your dream role. Make sure to understand what kind of internships/volunteer work they have done and tread your path similarly.

3. Show the interviewer the best version of you :

It's okay to be nervous but make sure that it doesn't dampen your profile. Feign confidence if you have to and give it your all.

4. Apply for societies :

Societies teach you a lot of soft skills like leadership, time management and work ethics. Thus such experiences are highly regarded by the recruiters. Therefore, apply for societies which interest you and can help you in your personal and professional development.

5. Find an internship which will help you grow:

There are a lot of companies who hire interns in bulk and don't care about their growth. Don't join a company just for the sake of an internship, make sure you research the company well and don't fall into the traps of these companies.

6. Participate in Competitions :

Even if you couldn't join any society, make sure to participate in Competitions according to your interest. If you manage to win these Competitions, it'll separate you from the crowd.

7. Ask your friend to take your mock interview :

It's very important to practice some mock HR questions and some technical questions before seating for the main interview. This will lead you to be more confident and comfortable in the main interview.

8. Send a thank you note after your interview :

Regardless of how your interview went, make sure to send a thank you to the interviewer for taking the time to interview you. Make sure to follow up in case you fail to receive a confirmation/rejection mail.

9. Don't let rejection dishearten you

Keep applying. If you apply to hundreds of opportunities, only then you might get your dream role. If you still don't, don't get disheartened. You still have a long way to go!

10. Don't neglect your academics

Internships are important but don't neglect your academics for them. A lot of companies, especially Consulting Companies, reject candidates who have CGPA lower than the benchmark CGPA.

Internship/Job hunting is a tiresome process. But hang on, the pills of rejection might be bitter but the fruits of acceptance will be much sweeter !

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