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Coaching for a Career in Consulting

Interested to build a career with top management consulting firms?

The consulting industry attracts some of the finest talent in the world and is always looking for candidates with not only exemplary analytical skills, but also with the ability to influence client outcomes through persuasive, emotionally intelligent approaches. 

We help you achieve a consultant’s mindset, through personalized business cases, that not only structure your thinking skills to become as natural as your breathing but also instill the creative skills to identify path-breaking solutions.

If you are an institution planning to place your graduates in consulting companies, or a young graduate aspiring to enter the consulting industry, then look no further. We have three tailored programs designed to achieve just that.

INSTITUTIONS: If your institution is aiming to place students in consulting companies, we have just the right course. To help graduating students acquire the skills to approach any business problem in an analytical, structured way, we offer a  30-hour course tailored for campuses, through our case study approach of interactive learning. This course prepares the student to succeed in campus placement interviews for a consulting career.

GROUPS: Perhaps you don’t want to opt for our course in colleges, but would like to do it out of campus, during your free time with peers.

If you want to gain skills through peer-learning and you are great at networking, get together with your classmates and/or friends and enroll for our Group Coaching sessions. This will be delivered on a crashed time scale.

ONE-TO-ONE: We offer 1-1 bespoke coaching to individual students who aspire to get into management consulting, and want to prep up harder. It involves case interviews covering different industries, and practical exercises covering varied dilemmas faced by a CEO. Sessions range from 1 – 2 hours each, with case problems, presentations, and interview feedback.


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