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We provide end-to-end management consulting in the areas of business strategy, sales excellence, transformation, organization, communications & HR training, financial management, executive wellness & fitness, and deliver lasting changes with measurable performance.

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Disruption is a fact of life, brought about by nature, by changing customer expectations or as a result of rapid technological advancement. We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this rapidly-evolving situation, and build our future model based on impactful innovations. Our business strategic consulting uses smart tools and resources to advice on:

GROWTH: We evaluate growth options, organically and inorganically. We recommend on how to overcome the barrier to entry in new segments and hand hold you in implementing the strategic plan.

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT: We analyse your product portfolio and develop strategies to streamline it. We will implement a milestone driven PDP (Product Development Process) that will enable effective project management

PRICING STRATEGY: We help you to develop a value-based pricing strategy that is more quantifiable. We will recommend pricing actions, by segment, by distribution channels, to improve your top line.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: We will implement a rigorous financial management and reporting system, to enable you to become a “financially well managed company”. We will help you prioritize your resource management, assess all elements of your cost structure, and identify the cost levers that you need to pull at each stage of your annual business review to make sure you achieve the target bottom line.

CUSTOMER DELIGHT: We will help to build the culture of a “customer centric” organization through our trademark “LAPS” process. Our process will enable to transition from an inward focus to outward focused organization, involving multiple functional areas of your organization.

DIGITAL STRATEGY: We will assess the marketing spend, effectiveness of all your Digital platforms. Based on your target segment and customer buying & influencing behaviour, we will help to develop and implement your Digital Strategy.

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We will partner with you to overcome your sales challenges in the market and make your sales organization adaptable and effective to drive profitable growth. Our customer-centric consulting approach offers solutions to build a solid foundation whether you want to consolidate in one stage of market penetration or graduate step-by-step towards diversification.

We offer solutions for overcoming typical customer and market challenges such as: prospect conversion to sale, routes to sales, prioritising customers, qualifying customer opportunities, gaining a premium over competition, positioning for customer segments, and increasing CRM efficiency for improved sales productivity.

We offer solutions for overcoming sales organisation leadership challenges: approaches for each GTM strategy, leadership style & team competency development, and developing a performance-driven reward system.



Are you faced with acute short-term business problems that require immediate corrective action through tactical moves? Every organization, big or small, evolves with time, but we are entering a phase, where the evolution has to be faster and impactful to survive, stand out and forge ahead. The need of the hour is to break the traditional barriers to decision-making – a bane for most organizations - and deliver smart, efficient and customer-friendly solutions. At Trariti Consulting Group, we help you overcome these challenges. We combine our insights and skills to transform your tasks and processes, and help you take short-term actions to deliver measurable improvements.

BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION: Unexpected upheavals, such as the current one due to COVID-19, can disrupt businesses. We will identify, along with your team, the short-term initiatives that will help business recovery.  These are usually company-wide initiatives, managed jointly by the top management of your company and us, but led by initiative owners.

IMPACTFUL ACTIONS: We will help you prioritize your resource allocation, through our simplified business case framework. Each initiative will be built with milestones that are measurable.

DEPLOY TFT: While dealing with business emergencies, we will help you build task force teams (TFT). TFTs will help to identify the risks in a quantifiable way, and build the “go” and “no go” bar, for quick decision making.

PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE: We will leverage team-learning to build a pipeline of growth initiatives that are ready to take off, when the short- term challenges are overcome.  ​



CULTURE & CHANGE: culture is the DNA of the organization.  It is derived from the values of the company. Investing in building the right culture helps companies to outperform competition.  However to inculcate the desired culture, management involvement and commitment is required. Our 3 step process of Diagnosis, Bridge, Energize, will help you transform your organization.

ORGANIZATION DESIGN: Traditional hierarchies of organizations have to be reworked to face the changing business landscape. Delegation, accountability, right person for the right job, are essential. We diagnose your current structure and recommend an agile customer centric approach to build your organization bench strength. 

LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT: Our ARUP (TM applied) approach of Attracting, Retaining and Upskilling People, is built on years of experience in building the talent pipeline for matrixed organizations spread across multiple countries. This model, built on top of the foundations of such programs done globally, is specially tailored to the Indian cultural nuances of doing business effectively and ethically. Leaders need to overcome short-term challenges – through intense planning & transformation initiatives to stay afloat. Additionally, a part of their mind should be occupied with strategic options and long-term goals, to create the foundation of a rock-solid organization that can withstand any shock. The ARUP approach helps your leaders adapt to the new business landscape, where past performance is not a guarantee for future success. We train your leaders to leap into the unknown, be agile, adaptable and learn to navigate market turbulence through innovation, risk-taking appetite and upskill for the future.

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Our financial management practice will provide you best-in-class financial management services focused on profitable growth to achieve your  business goals. Our core  pillars of Profitability Management ,Controllership, Cash Flow Management, Tax planning and Compliances along with Process structuring will help create a strong foundation for your business operations that are interwoven with your business needs. 

The process broadly involves  helping you develop the company’s financial budgets aligned with Business objectives , design a working framework for these to be met, provide financial reports to  interpret financial trends /alerts and recommend future course of action. This will also include advice on cost-reduction,  analyze cost-price variables, sales results and report variation from plans,and prepare for a no-remark audit/statutory compliance.

The Cash flow management process involves identification of inefficiencies across  Order to Cash (O2C), Order to pay (O2P), inventory management and payroll cycles, suggestions for  contractual changes and optimal scheduling of payments / receipts. We will assist with tax planning, data collation, filing and compliance. 

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Our Corporate HR training capabilities are focused on identifying training needs with regards to Communication & Etiquette, across age groups and levels within the company; assessing level of communication skills; conducting surveys to ascertain training needs; developing, organizing, conducting and evaluating training programs; creating teaching and learning literature; directing structured learning experiences; grooming lower-level employees for executive positions, simulating problems and problem-solving scenarios; creating interactive, multimedia presentations for holding workshops and lectures.

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Our executive wellness and fitness programme is intended to adopt a holistic training approach, answer health and nutrition-related questions, identify you/your team’s fitness level and health, oversee completion of exercise regimen, track the physical progress, modify exercise regimen based on needs, potential injuries or health concerns, conduct individual and group fitness training sessions, oversee the use of fitness equipment to ensure proper and safe exercise, enable to carry out First Aid and CPR if needed, while following well-laid out safety and hygiene guidelines.

We will drive this through a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire),  conduct a postural assessment, advice on specific diets suited to your needs, develop a tailored training regimen based on your needs - cardiovascular, mobility, strength and flexibility. 

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