Trariti Consulting Group is a management consulting firm providing end-to-end consulting services in the areas of business strategy, sales excellence, transformation, organization, communications & HR training, financial management, executive wellness, and coaching for entry into the world of Management Consulting.


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Fitness Industry

In the current times, health has become a priority for many. People are spending on health-related things like a gym membership, fitness equipment, online classes, and fitness technology. But it is interesting to note that this healthy environment took centuries to come into being. In the very beginning, as human beings lived in the wild, their way of staying in shape was running and arranging for food, yet, at the same time, staying safe from wild animals.

Refashioning Of Education Industry

Perhaps the greatest feature of yesteryear has been the dispatch of the much-anticipated Public Training Strategy which came to fruition after a horrifying standby of more than thirty years. Of the numerous things that have caught public consideration, one subject has been the possibility of incorporation and value.

Fantasy Sports Industry

A fantasy sport an online game where members collect non-existent or virtual groups of genuine players of a pro game. These groups contend dependent on the factual execution of those players' major parts in real games. This presentation is changed over into focuses that are ordered and totaled as indicated by a program chose by each fantasy group's director.


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The central idea of this podcast is to define the importance of the quality and quantity of data. These are the very crucial terms when you enter into the Data Analytics world.



Successful business leaders work exceptionally hard to grow the business profitability. And they may feel they are the best at what they do. However, leaders at any level need to be surrounded by a team that has more expertise. This support can be from the in-house management team or a consulting firm.  That is where Trariti Consulting Group steps in.
We will be your trusted advisor, giving you an objective critique of your current processes, map your journey to future goals, achieve them within lesser time/efforts, set your organization up for greater growth, achieving exceptional and measurable results.

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Arup Majumdar


With 25+ years of experience in management consulting and the global consumer-durable industry, Arup brings strong skills in strategy, planning, business transformation, operational execution, multi-cultural leadership and mentoring to the table. Overcoming the disruptive challenges of 1999 (Asian financial crisis) and 2002 (SARS), he successfully navigated uncertainties. He has a B. Tech (IIT Kanpur), and an MBA (IIM, Ahmedabad). His favourite motto: "Management is an art that is the most noble of professions, if practised well."

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Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we provide end-to-end management consulting in the areas of business strategy, sales excellence, transformation, leadership development & HR training, financial management, and executive wellness and fitness. We deliver lasting changes with measurable performance.

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To build a better future for organizations and young professionals by enabling their innate passions.


Trariti Consulting Group, along with its associates, will enable organizations to become the best-in-class, and graduates to land in their dream consulting career.


Our business is built upon trust, transparency, inclusion and diversity.